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Shamanism is perhaps the oldest spiritual discipline on earth.

“Shamans are found in many cultures worldwide, but the word shaman comes from the Tungus tribe of Siberia.  A shaman is a man or a woman who heals the spiritual aspect of illness: diagnosing and treating illness, divining information for the community, communicating and interacting with the spirit world, and often acting as a psychopomp, helping souls cross over to other worlds. “ (Ingerman, Medicine for the Earth, pg. 2)

Contemporary Shamanism

Contemporary Shamanism


Contemporary shamans and shamanic practitioners help individuals and the community through communication with helping spirits.  This is direct revelation.  I am a shamanic practitioner and some of the healing processes I work with include (and are not limited to):


*    power animal retrieval

*    soul retrieval

*    light healing

*   release of unwanted energies

*    psychopomp work

*    spiritual cleansing for body and space


In all of these processes, the Shaman is simply the conduit for the spirits to work with an individual or community.  Healing is a partnership between the spirits and the individual.  The Shaman facilitates the connection.   I would like to introduce you to shamanism as I have learned it from ordinary reality teachers and especially as I have learned it from the spirits who work with me.

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